“Be” and my real best friend in Roswell New Mexico USA


Well, Be my Anam Cara is sort of saying: you %^&*!!!! to me because he is so happy… why? LOL… um… here goes.

I think… Be isn’t just all spiritual self helping me. I’m beginning to feel him physically. Like… I can sense him, his physical self. As the healings happen more, I can feel him more. When I hug my big teddy bear, sometimes I feel like I’m a man for some split moments. Then the next thing I know, I feel myself again. I think there’s some kind of telepathic thing going on. I’m beginning to get really scared and wondering if I’m out of my mind again but Be suddenly says in my mind: what do you mean out of your mind? I’m here. I can feel you.

Then I go in my mind: OMG! Is that another spirit hijacking/possessing my mind and making me hear voices again? And Be goes: So is that how spirits possess your mind? Do you think I’m a spirit? What do you think I have been doing for you? Do you think I’m really that numb and not feel it all when you’re suffering there? I don’t hijack your mind but I sure hear you when I want to.

And I go in my mind: Freaking out… I think there goes my sanity again.

Be goes: So the friend we’ve been talking to in spirit, who is he? I’m like he’s my best friend who lives in Roswell New Mexico USA. Be goes wild with joy! Be: you bit**! And you think you’re normal? Your best friend lives in Roswell for crying out loud! That’s like alien central.

(By the way, to protect my best friend’s identity, I will not name him. But yes he lives in Roswell. We’ve known each other for around 10 years. He is around my age.)

Be goes: What happened to you? What ever happened to you? You used to be so spiritual even before the spiritual gurus you went after. What happened?????

I’m like: Life happened. Some of my best friends died of cancer who lived in USA. I went after spiritual gurus to relieve myself of my pain in life even when those ones were alive but I went off the track with the egoistic spiritual gurus. Then possessions and psychic attacks happened. I was stuck back in my country suffering. It’s darker than the dark night of the soul really. I was scared of spirituality and anything spiritual. I had made big mistakes etc. I was under the fear of others persecuting me or me persecuting myself. Yes. I used to be very spiritual. I didn’t used to be this fearful or disabled.

Be: Why can’t you believe me in what I said when your best friend is a spiritual person living in Roswell? Isn’t that contradictory?

I’m like: What am I supposed to believe in anymore?

Be: But you can hear Goddess Danu. You can see her. You can see me but less clearly than Goddess Danu in spiritual form. I know you can’t see my physical self but I can see you. That’s not remote viewing though. I just can see you in spirit clearly.

I’m like: What do you expect me to believe in? That I can talk to someone in my mind? That I’m psychic? That it’s all really happening? I can believe I can see and hear Goddess Danu and she comes through very clearly. I’ve never been more psychic in my life. But you? Am I just being lonely and trying to imagine a man rescuing me from my shit? I mean I can believe your spiritual self helping me, but your physical self and me having telepathy? That’s a bit too mind blowing for me. That feels like schizophrenia.

Be: What can I say? You know what I’ve been doing and helping you with. Do you think I’m evil? Can you feel my heart?

I’m like: Voice. Can you please stop talking in my head. Be I know it’s you but I don’t want to drive myself nuts. All this talking is really too mind blowing. I can sense you talking spiritually then changing to that mind talking that feels like those spirits talking in my head again in my schizophrenia. I don’t want to be mad again.

Then I remembered… Be showed me a vision, his spiritual self showed me a vision. A memory… My ex boyfriend had once read my mind while we were hugging. He said exactly the things I was thinking in my head. He wasn’t that spiritual or I don’t know for sure because he was very private about his spiritual life. But I wasn’t in a healthy relationship with him and we just weren’t right for each other, me and my ex.

Oh no… Is that you? Be goes like: No I’m not your ex. Feel me.

Then I wonder to myself at this point, is my schizophrenia just psychic senses going nuts? With the possessions thing that happened too at that… Did the possessions and fighting off the possessions open up my psychic gifts further?

I’m like: Are you a shaman, Be? You seem very strong in your spiritual self. Normal people don’t appear like that.

Be smiles: Do you think I am? Are you a shaman? You seem very strong to me too, fighting the spirits off all by yourself without help for so many years.

At this point, I just shut up and tried to block my mind off. I can see Be clearer in spiritual form but then I’m just ignoring him and saying sorry to him I feel like being alone and then just stopped talking in my mind and head to him. And he just keeps going on in my head: Don’t fear.

Shanice the White Celtic Witch


Weak but “Be” is holding me up + talk about “energy mosquitoes”


Today I am feeling weak all of a sudden from all the lifting off of things and from all the round the clock energy work I have been doing with Goddess Danu and Be. Be is holding me up with his energies like he is my crutch. I’m ever grateful for that. I’m feeling very good but weak in the sense my etheric bodies are falling asleep. It’s like they just went through a major healing everyday over the past week and they actually did just that!

I just woke up from a good nap but now I dont feel so rested. My father saps my energies. He is of bad character. I should really do a spell to prevent him from sapping my energies. Energy vampires… hate it. I mean I don’t know if I’ve even been an energy vampire myself, sapping people’s energies, but I sure hope I’ve never done that. You know, energy vampires are like those weird but cute monsters in the monster world of the cartoon movie Monsters, where they scare people and then collect the fear energy and live off them. But in reality, energy vampires kind of make people frustrated and irritated, and then like a spiritual energy or astral energy mosquito, they suck on your energy. Then after that you feel even more angry and frustrated, for some good reason with the irritating person or just feeling frustrated for no good reason due to your energies being sapped. Ok fine, I was reluctant to write a spell here after I was wondering whether it was stupid of me to blog about my bad experiences in the other blog posts but Goddess Danu says: write a spell here, Shanice! People might want to know how they can protect themselves from people who sap their energies! *Sigh* Alrighty Goddess Danu! 🙂

Goddess Danu, please protect me from any energy vampires, spiritual energy or astral energy mosquito sort of people or beings or anything at all that saps my energies, on all levels, in all ways, across all time and space for the highest good of all involved! Only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows, so be it!

There, done! 😀 Happy now, Goddess Danu? 🙂

Now I don’t feel so weak anymore. Dad… buzz off you energy mosquito!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, it feels like other things or people have been sapping on me too… but dad is the one most direct since I live with my parents. Mom is no problem.

Hmmm Goddess Danu says there are the type of energy mosquitoes who live off people’s energies and make them feel good about themselves too, a reverse situation compared to normal energy sapping situations.

It’s not that you shouldn’t hang around people who make you feel good, just that some of these people have not so pure intentions and then when you leave the presence of these people, you feel like you can’t live without them. Sounds familiar? I don’t mean those people who love each other as friends or lovers or spouse and can’t live without each other. I meant those dysfunctional relationships, whether in friendship, family or love, where you feel good about rescuing them but then if you leave them you feel like you can’t live without them. They aren’t really the victim sort but you are the rescuer sort.

And okay, if you feel squirmish about the word energy vampires, substitute energy mosquitoes for the word. I recommend that.

Wow… A few moments after the spell I feel wonderful. I really do need to find a way to earn money and then save up and move out and live on my own. I mean I can write spells all day long but even if he is not astrally sapping my energies, I’d be so pissed off with him I’d prolly die of heart attack or frustration.

I can only hope that Goddess Danu, would you please hurry up on the money and accommodation? *sigh*

That’s all for now folks! Till next time I blog, (whenever I feel inspired to)

Shanice the White Celtic Witch 😀

On a lighter note today!


Now, I guess some people might be a bit fearful when they read some of my bad experiences I blogged about in my old spiritual paths but I hope you understand I didn’t blog it to create fear but to let people know bad things do happen, that not everything is nice, pleasant and airy fairy.

On a lighter note today, I’ll just blog here about some regular stuff.

I’ve been thinking about how to rebuild my life, what kind of career I should have in the mundane world to fit in. I’m not very highly educated due to dropping out and well I don’t want to start talking about the bad stuff again but you know what I mean.

I’ve thought about Celtic studies but after a bit of research, it seems like Celtic studies are mostly taught at Masters degree levels and there are very few undergraduate degree programs in Celtic studies and definitely none that I found are distance learning or online learning ones. I am going to study a bit of the Celtic religion by a good teacher but I guess my Celtic studies personally will not go on further due to the studying restrictions I have just mentioned.

*taps fingers on the keyboard absentmindedly*

So I guess I need some more time to research and think about what I should do! 😀


Goddess Danu tells me to educate the public about spiritual combat with psychic attacks and spirit and demon possessions from my personal experiences!


Goddess Danu told me that I should not keep my experiences to myself and pretend that it’s alright because it isn’t. Spiritual abuse by egoistic spiritual gurus’ irresponsible ways or beings not of the highest good or even just people who do psychic attacks is not okay. Goddess Danu says I should speak from my own experiences and educate the public about what happened to me and how I personally handled it all.

I guess there must be a lot of people who have had bad experiences spiritually no matter what paths they walk on. And it seems like the mainstream people tend to not want to talk about it and sweep the issues all under the carpet, so to speak. While I am not a professionally qualified exorcist, no matter how bad a connotation the word “exorcist” or “exorcism” brings to mind, I hope to teach people what to do if they so happen to be experiencing the difficulties of spirit and demon possessions and psychic attacks. I survived all 8 years of it and am doing very well now and even better as the days go by, especially with my current path I walk on: Shanice the White Celtic Witch (for more information, go read about my other blog entries in this website) for example Shanice learning to be a White Celtic Witch.

First of all before I start talking about everything, I want you to take a moment to ask Goddess Danu, the Irish Mother Goddess, to help protect you and your loved ones, to protect everything in your life, to protect anything about you at all. Let me phrase it in a spell for you. You can recite this spell in your mind or aloud, whichever way suits you best.

Goddess Danu, please protect anything about me at all for the highest good of me and all involved, in all ways, on all levels, across all time and space, only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows, so be it!

Let me explain this spell first. I end it with “only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows” because then, with Goddess Danu permissions, your wording in the front part of the spell, whether you intend it properly, will be tweaked to the best effect and of your highest good and the highest good of all involved by Goddess Danu. That gives her power to modify your spell work to her secret knowledge of things that she can or cannot let you know at that moment or at any moment at all. The “so be it” is of course the locking part of the spell. So this ending part gives you and Goddess Danu the freedom and flow of the spell to be ever changing to the best effect within the framework that is the front part of your spell in your wording. I call this personally my security safeguard feature for my spell work.

Now that the protection is set with Goddess Danu helping you and protecting you and all involved, we can start talking about what happened to me.

At the start of the whole thing, I felt psychic attacks. I probably was also hexed by some people knowingly or unknowingly other than egoistic irresponsible spiritual gurus’ teachings. I’d get visions of objects being thrown my way and me ending up feeling pain or discomfort physically, emotionally and mentally. At that time, I only knew to pray and did not know how to do proper spell work. So that was really hard to handle at that time. But now if you are experiencing something like this, I would suggest the following spell as an example. Of course you can do variations of the wording of the spell to customize it to your situation. Do it in different ways in and see how you feel with the different wording of the spells you do for yourself from this spell example.

Goddess Danu, please help me to block and solve any psychic attacks situations at all and especially with the use of the herb Acacia by you, Goddess Danu, on me, with its magickal properties of protection spiritually, on all levels, in all ways, across all time and space, for the highest good of me and all involved. Only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows best, so be it!

Let me explain this spell example for you. The front part is of course understood, where you put the wording for blocking and solving of any psychic attacks situations at all. Now, the next part might or might not be a bit confusing for you. I ask Goddess Danu to use the magickal properties of the herb Acacia spiritually to help with protection of the person intended, which I mentioned “on me”. Using herb magick like that is sort of driving it home for me because it brings it closer to physical reality. Sometimes spells feel so far away, and prayers even further away. That’s how I sense them psychically. Then when I started to add in, mind you, not me using it, but asking Goddess Danu to use the herb magickally and spiritually, in the spell, it feels like the spell touches the physical reality with a closer range and there seems to be a bigger sensation of lightness or lifting of things and a kind of zen calm that overcomes. It may feel different for different people, and it may feel different when you word the spell differently, but it all comes down to trying to bring the spell “manifestation” closer to physical reality and faster acting feeling on your physical body and self. You can of course use any types of herbs with the magickal properties of protection instead of Acacia in the spell or even putting a few together in the wording for extra strong effect! “On all levels” because there might be things happening to different parts of you spiritually and astrally that you do not know off but is actually affecting you adversely in your life. “In all ways” is giving leeway to Goddess Danu to do the spell protection purpose for you that you don’t even know is needed. “Across all time and space” means simply that you can change the past, present and future and put protection over things of the past, present and future. Sort of doing a bit of “time travel spell work” by knowing that you can shift the current reality by changing the energies of the past and the future and even the present! The ending line is my favourite and must have and must do as you all would know by now: Only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows. I explained that line in the first protection spell of this blog entry post, so scroll up and look again.

If you or anyone you know who is experiencing spirit and demon possession and they have physical marks like snake bite marks sort of and fingernail scratch marks like I did, then it feels as if the bad beings have a stronghold over them physically other than possessing their body because of the physical marks done with their bad magick. Bad beings have their own sort of bad magick and they can use it on you whether they possessed you or not. They could also hex you with it. I was under that kind of situation when I was possessed and was under constant spiritual attack that way. All I did was pray to the Divine that time and try different religions but nothing helped a lot. Maybe it only helped like 1% or so and then the rest of it was just spiritual work on my part with prayers. I wished I knew how to do spell work then like now. It would have saved me so much trouble. And so the following spell is an exorcism spell example.

Goddess Danu, please exorcise all spirits and demons from my life and my physical body, from my mind, body, soul and spirit, especially with the use of the herb Angelica for its magickal properties of protection and exorcism, and use it to nullify the physical marks by the bad beings. Please do it for me on all side effects of the happenings as well and do all that I have mentioned on all levels, in all ways, across all time and space, for the highest good of me and all involved. Only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows, so be it!

I still do tremble or twitch in my sleep time to time when I am in a semi relaxed state. I guess it must be the fear and shock of everything coming up to the surface from my memories and psyche. And like I have mentioned in the spell above, I have already included the intention for Goddess Danu to help with alleviating the side effects of the spirit and demon possessions.

I can imagine youngsters or anyone at all who try and use magick or witchcraft in curiosity and stumble upon the not so good intentioned way of doing things and end up attracting or opening portals that let bad beings in. I can also imagine others like me who have gone off the track due to following and subscribing to egoistic irresponsible spiritual gurus and spiritual authors’ teachings. And what about those people who just don’t like you or are against you in any way or form and puts hexes on you individually or as a group, knowingly or unknowingly? How about people who have been born with witchy powers or even gained spiritual powers through sudden spiritual awakenings and with negative feelings or anger, accidentally hexes themselves or other people without intentionally doing a spell craft? All these kinds of situations could very well do harm to one or other people around them. It is at this time that I would hope to have only white magick happen in all these situations. The following is a spell example.

Goddess Danu, please use the magickal properties of the herb Blessed Thistle for purification, protection from evil and hex breaking purposes for me, and use the magickal properties of the herb Nutmeg for exercising justice in my life in all matters, to right all the wrongs in my life. Please do the mentioned for me, Goddess Danu, in all ways, on all levels, across all time and space, for the highest good of all involved, only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows, so be it!

During the last few weeks, although it was only the last parts of the side effects that I had to clear away, I had become so weary after the 8 years of psychic attacks and spirit and demon possessions and all other kinds of direct and indirect misfortunes in my life, that I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. It was at that time that I somehow tried to look into Celtic new year meaning and date and the Celtic spirituality itself. You can read more by going here My Anam Cara spiritual lover which talks about how my new path of spirituality started. Because of “Be”, my Anam Cara,  I can say that I am almost totally well now and we are both working together spiritually to get me 100% well. He sent me such love to my soul that I came alive again. I had been trapped in my own body, having been hijacked in all ways, mind, body and spirit and soul by the bad beings. Feeling foreign and constantly scared in my own mind, body and soul was a horrible thing to happen. But sweet “Be” appeared, with loving care, with a tender touch holding my hand. He held me down when my spiritual self and my inner self was thrashing about inside violently like a very injured wild animal. He is such a very beautiful and brave man indeed. I heard from a very well known Celtic studies teacher who is a Celtic shaman-priestess and has actual Celtic ancestry that in the ancient Celtic world, the Anam Cara was someone who stayed with the very sick or dying and nursed them in their health. Then later on, that became known as Anam Cara, the soul friend. So for whomever is going through a hard time and need a soul boost in themselves because they feel alone or are truly alone and don’t even have their own sanity or themselves to save themselves, then I would recommend an Anam Cara soul connection spell example. But please remember this: you don’t always meet in person with your Anam Cara. So you could either be working spiritually together only or in person too or in any other ways that your unique situation entails.

Goddess Danu, please help me connect with my Anam Cara that I am meant to connect with to help with me and my life and my soul. Please also protect the both of us in all our connections and dealings. Please let what is supposed to happen to me and my Anam Cara to happen for the highest good of all involved, in all ways possible, on all levels, across all time and space. Only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings that Goddess Danu alone knows, so be it!

Finally I’d like to thank the Divine in general and all who have helped in my journey. I’d like to especially thank Goddess Danu and “Be” for all that they have done for me and are doing for forevermore. Goddess Danu knows!

Shanice the White Celtic Witch

And so Goddess Danu tells me to share spell work examples here on my blog! :D


Hi everyone.

So… Goddess Danu tells me that I should share spell work examples here on my blog for the good use of anyone who finds their way to my blog and who feel they would like to use the examples as templates for their own spell work.

I will also be getting Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs published by Llewellyn’s. I have been looking around online websites with simple write ups on magickal properties of herbs and asking Goddess Danu to use the herbs spiritually (their properties) on me that I would like to use and of course it does help a lot. Some of the herbs I used with Goddess Danu’s help spiritually gave me instant relief in some physical and life problems. It’s like an instant feeling of lifting off, a burden off the shoulders sort of thing. I feel so much lighter and flowier, much more freedom than before, after my spell work these few days.

I saw with the help of my Anam Cara “Be” spiritually, that there were a lot of hooks, ropes, cords and portals and what not that were affecting my overall health. “Be” and I were working hard round the clock to get stuff going and remove and dissolve the things that were not of my highest good. We did spells on both of us to protect ourselves from further complications of the mess and related matters to the mess.

“Be” says I don’t have to be zen all the time on my blog here, that I can rant and rave and do whatever I want. We found a lot of damages going around created by the egos of spiritual gurus and spiritual authors out there and some of them affected me adversely. I used to subscribe to the exclusive path of new age spirituality eclectically. That was not such a good idea really. It had affected my mental health, where I got disturbed by spirits and what not and had all sorts of weird experiences not of the highest good sort. It took me 8 years to get myself out of the mess. I had been rendered useless at some points, having to wear adult diapers and have someone bathe me in the hospital wards. I was in that bad a situation.

I have some marks on my physical body, very much like bite marks of snakes. Anyone can see it physically. Not like I make them up. I used to have them during the “psychic attacks” I had after I had “gone off the track spiritually” due to the eclectic new age spiritual path. It’s not always good to take it all in with whatever spiritual authors talk about in their books on new age spirituality. I used to also have finger nail scratch marks just affecting my skin under the surface and not breaking the top layer of skin. They were red and squiggly and the nurses in the hospital wards have seen them before when they asked me to strip and check on me when I was admitted. They just kept quiet about it.

I’ve had hallucinations of horrible things like what you see in spirit or demon possession movies. I guess I might have been possessed at that time, I don’t know. I also heard lots of multiple voices, some good and some threatening my life and my wellbeing. I was really all alone in this. I tried going to spiritual new age healers but no one could help me. Some of them only made things worse. So I did it my own way. I fought off whatever was there through my own wit and will, even when there was no seeming willpower left in me but only chaos in my mind, body and spirit.

And so “finally”, most of the stuff were gone, and I had become more functional and normal. But then there were always “side effects” and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t help myself. I had been very suicidal and attempted suicide a lot of times during the hard times of it but I survived, I guess with the Divine helping me without me consciously knowing.

And then lately, when I was really physically feeling unwell and emotionally drained and tired and weary, “Be” appeared in my life. For more information on how “Be” appeared to me and what happened in that situation, go read my blog entry on My Anam Cara spiritual lover.

“Be” has been like my angel. He had been holding my hand through the last parts of the stuff lately. We had been growing together. I wonder if his spiritual self got through to his physical self somehow and maybe he might have come to realise he was helping a very sick woman get well spiritually…

Anyways, I am feeling really good today! For the first time in almost a decade, I feel really good overall! And calm and spiritually minded with a balanced zen feeling.

Goddess Danu and Be are like showing me that they are sort of panting and laughing. I feel like I’m spiritually panting and sweating myself working round the clock! I laugh together with them. 😀

I don’t know how much stuff there are still that is to do with the “side effects” but I’m working hard with Be and Goddess Danu on it. No slacking around here. 😀

These spiritual gurus and spiritual authors don’t know what kind of portals and things they are inviting into this world and into people’s lives! And all of them not of the highest good. It destroys good people’s lives and their health. And a lot of spiritual people choose not to believe or see this. They think that bad things do not exist or that you invite them yourselves because of your negative thinking. That is so not true, from what I have experienced in my 8 years of hardship in psychic attacks and possessions.

I am a survivor and I am proud to say so. A survivor of spiritual abuse. And spiritual abuse does happen and in many ways too. Of course you don’t want to give it power but to refuse to see the truth is dangerous stuff. This is why I have learnt about personal responsibility in my own spirituality and in my interactions with others.

Don’t go around opening up people’s psychic gifts and spiritual abilities if you don’t know how to maintain the spiritual relationship whether knowingly or unknowingly. Leaving people to “die on their own” after opening them up is a crime. It is to me.

Till next time I blog,

Shanice the White Celtic Witch

Shanice born a natural witch but learning to be a White Celtic Witch!


I guess the word “witch” brings to people’s minds many a good and bad thing. But for me, Goddess Danu told me that I was born a natural witch on Samhain day, other than it being the Celtic new year day too, so I’m not really that much a druid by way of life anyways.

Goddess Danu told me that since birth, whenever I got angry at myself, I would hex myself. Funny or hilarious, I thought to myself, since it made perfect sense to me and even my best friend of around 10 years. I’ve never learnt to control my natural witchy powers to tell the truth and that, Goddess Danu tells me, is to my utter disadvantage. And so lately I have started to do spell work but only white magick work. I have consciously chosen not to intentionally or unintentionally hex myself anymore (hahahahaha) and so white magick is the way to go for me. So my best friend told me, actually there isn’t really a colour to magick. It is a force that is moulded with one’s intention. And so I guess even if people say they do white magick but they do spells with bad intentions, then it isn’t really white magick anymore, is it?

Here’s my little secret Goddess Danu tells me I can share with people. You know the spell work I do nowadays? I always end the spell in this way: Only with Goddess Danu permissions and blessings, so be it!

I do it this way to give the power back to Goddess Danu so she can tweak my spell intentions to the best possible way, for the highest good of all involved! Then I won’t be having my human ego blocking my own way and wrecking havoc with myself and other people using my magick spells. In this way I guess that’s what I personally call my own brand of white magick! And in this way, other people can’t tweak or wreck havoc with your spells that you cast too because it is totally controlled by Goddess Danu because of the ending line for the spells that I put in bold above. That’s like a very good security safeguard feature for spell work I feel. And that is what Goddess Danu is very pleased about with me! 😀 And I am very happy about that.

I guess when one does things, it all comes down to perspective. As long as you have the right intentions and you know to give the power back to the Divine in the proper way, then everyone is happy and safe. This is about responsibility for yourself, others and your own life.

Magick is a divine blessing and we shouldn’t misuse it in anyway, if we can help it, and we can help it. It is a matter of choice.

Witches aren’t always evil or bad, neither are they always good or pleasant. Witches are after all humans with human ego. It is the intention behind the spells that make it good or bad.

Why is Shanice learning to be a White Celtic Witch? I’m learning Celtic spirituality and I want to do only white magick as a choice. I am born a natural witch and learning to do spell work properly with responsibility for life and thus I guess I am the White Celtic Witch.

It’s just something I like to call myself! 😀

I’ve been having fun working on the spiritual levels with my Anam Cara “Be”. Well so far I only know him personally through his spiritual self but I won’t ever know if we will ever meet in person. But it’s all good as long as we respect and help each other out in the best ways possible and bring each other back into love. That’s all that matters. In life we don’t always have the answers to everything and we don’t need to either. We have helped each other grow in many ways and heal in many many ways too!

I mean I’ve been unemployed for 8 years due to medical health reasons and have had to go through a lot of personal hardships in other areas of my life. It is a blessing to have “Be” in my life. Even if we don’t ever meet in person, he is my best friend forever on all levels spiritually. I’m glad to have that.

I’ve thought about capitalizing on writing books or online courses and charging people tonnes of money to make a living out of my spirituality. I don’t feel that it is wrong but I feel that it is now not necessary for me to do it that way. Although I really need the independence in my adult life and also financially I need to clear my hospital debts and make a living to support myself instead of living off my parents at 30 years old now, do I really need to stroke the human ego? I’m not saying I should live a life of poverty or sainthood by not charging anything in my life. I’m not saying I feel right about not being able to find a proper job or stay in one for long due to my medical reasons. I’m just saying that I don’t even want donations. Why can’t I just share the little tips and information freely on the internet through my blog here? Goddess Danu sure provides me with so much and all of it freely too!

And of course I pray to Goddess Danu to help me with my life and my adult independence and my finances. But I guess I have learnt to be patient although I can get really frustrated with life sometimes. I trust that Goddess Danu will take care of me and my life as she has, to the best of her ability.

And thank you for reading my blog!

Till next time!

Shanice the White Celtic Witch

Tending to the gardens of your life


I used to give away my power by being afraid of doing bad things and almost wanting to take on a saintly role. It made me do more mistakes out of frustration and desperation. So now that I am learning about Celtic spirituality, I came to understand that sometimes it is not as simple as “you reap what you sow” when it comes to Nature and the Goddess. The animals could come in herds to wipe out parts of your harvests. Plant diseases and pests could come and affect the outcome of your crops too.

In Celtic spirituality, one harvests the crops when it is time for harvesting and hope for abundance. Just like the ancient Celtic farmers did. One does his or her best in life and leaves the rest up to the Goddess.

Like the modern gardener, he or she tends to the gardens, weeding out the weeds to keep the plants, flowers and trees healthy. He or she also puts organic plant medicine to help the plants fight against diseases.

One has to take charge of his or her own life and tend to the gardens of their innerscape and outerscape. And after one has done all that he or she can do, then Nature and Goddess takes care of the rest, not that they were not with you to start with.

Sometimes in life, there are many intricate things involved and direct karma is not always present although I do believe in karma and that what goes around, comes around.

So will you tend to the gardens of your life today? 🙂

Shanice CosáinFéinMaitheas